Monza teak comes from controlled forest plantations in Thailand and Indonesia. The result is an excellent, high quality material, ideal for outdoor furniture. It is particularly resistant to changes in temperature, water, humidity and saltwater. The teak wood, after cutting and maturing, is honey-coloured. However, the oxidation caused by air, water and light will tend to make it clearer and more grey over time, giving it the typical “aged” effect. In this case, it is not a matter of quality of the wood, of its durability or resistance, but it is only due to a natural aesthetic change.
Cleaning and maintenance;
To keep the teak furniture in the best condition, it is recommended to wash it often with water to remove dirt and impurities from the surface. In the case of stains on the surface, it is advisable to clean the dry material with a soft sponge and cleanse with mild soap diluted in water.
In case you want to protect the surface of teak from natural wear, avoiding stains and dirt, it is possible to treat the material with a protective product that will darken it slightly, creating a protective film. Monza provides the specific kit for cleaning and protection.